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minutes Monday 20th May 2019

Crook & Weardale Ramblers
Committee Meeting Minutes
Monday 20th May 2019

Venue – Weatherspoons Crook at 10am
Attendees:  Steve Musgrove (Chair), Kath Wright (treasurer), Alison Musgrove, Liz Walton, David Balmer, Elena Cross, Graeme Rose
Apologies: Mike Knipe (Secretary), Dennis Ebdon, Chris Ebdon, Jeff Foster, Debbie King
Previous Minutes – accepted with no outstanding matters arising
Chairmans report: everything going well in 2019 after the formation of the new committee and the allocation of roles and responsibilities of each committee member. Walks in 2019 are actually up 87 walkers against 2018 for the first 12 walks in the calendar year. Taking into consideration that three were cancelled in 2018 due to inclement weather comparing like for like for the remaining 9 walks attendance was still up by 32 (28%) which is an excellent achievement with new walkers joining us regularly and membership as reported by Dennis as up by 5.
Bus trips are well attended as too have been the first two evening walks dates of which are on the website form 30/4, 21/5, 18/6, 23/7 and 20/8 all moved to Tuesdays at 18.30pm start times and planned for up to 5 miles.
Secretary report: to follow as Mike is currently embarking on the TGO challenge in Scotland. Updates on the planned Bishops walk in June, recent meeting with the Ramblers Diane Simco & the new C&W Twitter account.
Treasurers Report: all budgeted monies now allocated and a new budget to be submitted to include advertising in our local paper / “jungle drums” circular subject to HO approval
Membership report: Although absent due to holiday commitments Dennis reported membership up by 5 in the first quarter
Footpaths report: Elena reported - Jeff and I attended the Liaison Meeting at County Hall, Durham in March, and met with other footpath officers from Rambler Groups in County Durham.
They have been able to appoint an apprentice to their team, Lauren, who attended the meeting.  Mike Ogden advised that with the appointment, his and Audrey’s time could be spent out in the field, enabling repairs, etc to be authorised and work to get underway.
Various items and budgets were discussed and we were given paperwork covering work completed and details of re-routing repaired footpaths. See attached paperwork.
Elena Cross
Jeff Foster
Joint Footpath Officers

Summer Walks program & Bus trips:
David has now filled the summer walks program starting Sunday 30th June and running to Sunday 20th October so thanks to walks leaders for their continued support. The program will be issued as soon as the final program is updated and recorded by David.
All long walks on the planned bus trips are now scheduled and we now only require a short walk and leader for Kendal on Saturday 3rd August which Steve said he would cover and get back to David with walk details if a short walk leader in not available

Recruitment: Chris & Dennis assisted by Liz & Anne held a C&W walks day in Morrison supermarket in March with quite a bit of local interest shown. A similar exercise is planned for Sainsburys in Bishop Auckland in the summer months  

Website Update: as reported previously the sub-committee of the web group met and exchanged numerous emails and the new web page has a fresh look to it thanks to Debbie’s sterling effort (and time). The minutes and records of the web meting can be found on the C&W site

Ramblers Central: discussions were held on the planned first aid training, the date of which is still to be confirmed, ICE cards now available from Kath, Steve advised on the benefits of the new Ramblers APP which can be accessed via individual membership numbers and also the availability of walks from the “medal routes” app of the Ramblers also accessible via membership numbers. Well worth a look.

AOB -  the committee welcomed Graeme Rose as the new footpath officer who will replace with immediate effect Jeff & Elena. However both will remain on the committee for the 2019 term as a longer term handover to support Graeme in his new role.
Graeme said he would contact Mike Knipe (Secretary) to discuss “all things Ramblers” and change contact details centrally and locally with the Durham County Council. Graeme also hoped to identify the walk boundaries for C&W group with the view of maybe organising some perimeter walks with other Ramblers groups based on boundaries.
The group also discussed the possibility of in house training of new walks leaders in map reading supported by the more senior leaders with years of experience and knowledge. To be discussed further to see how much interest there will be

Next meeting Monday 23rd September at 10am same venue.
Meeting closed 12.20pm