NEW!! Now you can upload your own walks photos!

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NEW!! Now you can upload your own walks photos!

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I have come up with a slick little method whereby members can now upload their own photos to the main web site Gallery as easy as sending an email.

This is how it works:

1. Rename your photos to include the date and name of the walk (e.g. Stanhope 16-02-2019).  To rename a photo, simply right-click on it, choose 'Rename' and type the name in.

2. Send an email (to a dedicated email address which I will provide on request) with the photos as attachments.

3. It is important that you include the words Crook and Weardale Photo Gallery (exactly as written and strictly case-sensitive) in the subject line of the email.

4. I will receive notification that there are some photos waiting in my upload queue. Because you've renamed them I'll know which walk they are from and I can drop them into the appropriate album.

5. You will receive notification from (whose photo album software I use) when (a) you submit the photos and (b) when the photos appear in the Gallery.

New albums will automatically appear with the most recent walk shown first.  

Any questions or comments give me a shout!